And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Now all who believed were together and all things in common” Acts 2:42 & 44

What does the Kingdom of God look like? Community. When the New Testament church began, it was a community of people who did life together. Their life centered around being obedient to the teachings of Jesus Christ. Simple. Radical. They literally changed their world by the everyday lives they lived as believers.

Fast forward roughly 2000 years to a small Cambodian village called Takaam. Here you will find this same “ancient” model being lived out. And Wow! is it changing things! To write the whole story here, would be more of a book than a blog. So, we will simply share a few highlights.

God has miraculously, and I do mean miraculously, provided the ministry of PCL and the believers of the village with a piece of property. They have been faithful to use it by building a church as well as a covered porch area which they use not only for Sunday services, but for community connection, outreach and education throughout the week.

It was our privilege to join them for Sunday morning worship, and it was a beautiful time! We were so moved by their passion and love of the presence of God. In the service with us were mostly women and children. The pastor shared with us that it is fishing season so the men are away fishing in order to provide for their families.

At the end of the service, we had the opportunity to present the other three guitars which we had brought with us. I was a little disappointed because the children had gone out to the porch area for children’s church. So, I thought this would be anti-climactic. Boy was I wrong!! As we were making the presentation with the help of Isaac Lutz, the faces of the adults began to light up! They had already spied the guitars, and when we asked who would like to learn to play, almost every hand shot up! I was so humbled by the joy and thankfulness of these brothers and sisters. It truly is “more blessed to give than to receive”! There is so much more I could highlight about the church and the grounds, but that will have to wait for another day.

After service, we enjoyed a time of touring the facilities and connecting with the people. The children are especially joyful!

Next we took a very bumpy van ride to another area of the village where PCL has acquired another section of land. Nestled into a part of the village that is about 200 years removed from our modern culture and convenience, is the PCL Integrated Farm. When we walked through the gate from the village into the farm, it was so striking the difference in the landscape. I felt as though I was walking into the Garden of Eden in a sense. Through the genius and sweat of Isaac Lutz, he and the community of believers connected with PCL have built a beautiful self-sustaining farm. Through study and experiment, they are using many natural techniques to make the best use of the land, and to better it. They are also working to teach the farmers in the community how to do this, so they can move from a “survival” mindset, to thriving in their farming and in life.

This is the Kingdom of God in Community! It is changing this village and changing this country! To God be the Glory!