So here we are at day six already! Saturday, February 24th we visited the PCL Children’s home here in Siem Reap. What a gracious welcome we received as I greeted some familiar faces and introduced them to Angie! It is wonderful to see how PCL nurtures and encourages these young people all the way through University and beyond until they learn how to be self sufficient. This may be a little known fact, but most of the NPO’s (Non Profit Organizations) that operate homes for children throughout Cambodia, push them out when they turn 18. ¬†According to Matt Bohlman, PCL Children’s Home Director (affectionately called Papa Matt) almost 100% of kids who are turned loose at age 18 find themselves addicted to drugs and/or dealing drugs. That is alarming to say the least. That’s why I am so grateful for the approach of PCL. They seek to give the kids at the home adequate tools to make an impact for Christ on their culture and also the generations to follow. PCL is about transformation in the lives of children, community and the world, and we are seeing transformation everywhere we turn. Thank you PCL and Buy A Tree. Change a Life. for the many things you do to help children globally and locally! It is amazing to witness first hand the fruitful ministry that continues here in Siem Reap, Cambodia! Check out the picture of

There is one more miracle we’d like to share with you. This took place with the Medical Missions team in Phnom Pehn. Check out the video! (Be sure to note the tag on the guitar, he is so excited to have a BRAND NEW guitar he wants to leave the tag on!)